Welcome To Innovation Incubator

Welcome To Innovation Incubator

We are so excited about this growth phase of Innovation Incubator after being in stealth mode for a while. We help investors and entrepreneurs incubate the first mile, harness disruptive change with continuous innovation and make new markets.

Sure there are many accelerators and incubators out there, in New York, Boston, India, all over the world. We are indeed one of them. Our unique value proposition includes:

(1) proven track record in leading at the edge of emerging technologies and market disruptions

(2) hybrid business model that combines the best of accelerators, incubators, advisory and delivery firms

(3) serves investors who are interested in investing in theirs, ours or others ideas, other entrepreneurs and a variety of strategic partners

So much for introduction. We will blog about our learnings, industry challenges, predictions and even geeky stuff. We look forward to having a dialog with you.