An overview

Being a new parent is an exciting journey filled with love, new moms and dads can take advantage of technology to make it a bit easier to get through each day, to answer questions, and to gain a better understanding of how to provide the best possible care for their offspring. More than 80 percent of new moms in the US say they intend to breastfeed for at least six months, but the majority fail to do so because of a lack of clinical and social support. As a result, new moms struggling with breastfeeding start their journey into new motherhood exhausted, with self-doubt, and can experience postpartum depression, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy. For that reason, we have developed a new mobile app called Momseze that bridges the gap between the two. 


More than four million babies are born in the US each year, and even though the vast majority of these babies’ mothers start out wanting to breastfeed, a huge number of them fail — perhaps partly because there are only 3.5 certified lactation consultants per 1000 live births. This causes various issues like the following:

  • The biggest downside isn’t that the mothers don’t breastfeed, however, that they solely breastfeed so much too long, a number of them for two years. 
  • There’s very little knowledge regarding when to initiate complementary foods and what varieties of foods are smart to introduce. 
  • In addition to an absence of cognitive content concerning health, all problems concerning the shape are underdeveloped and are usually “taboo” to speak concerning. 
  • Also, there are many barriers to new mom receiving support when they need it most – which is often in the signs of depression, anxiety, and as a result have difficulties within the relationship with their kid. They are doing well, have perennial worries, and nightmares. 

That’s exactly what Momseze set out to help solve for new parents.


Momseze mobile app promises to help parents connect immediately on-demand via video chat, text or voice with lactation consultants and other new baby support specialists 24/7, 365 days a year. 

  • “Connect Now” button helps immediately to speak with one of the 30 lactation consultants on staff. 
  • Momseze is the only service that may facilitate a nursing mother any time of the day or night, despite wherever within the world she happens to be. 
  • Schedule Appointment feature helps them to schedule an appointment with a consultant in advance
  • Remind Me notifications feature is to set up various reminders 
  • The system saves all consultants’ notes so that new consultants can follow up that information from that notes section.
  • Momseze pricing is reasonable when the prices are compared with personal lactation consultants in the US. 
  • The other service out there would need a momma to create a rendezvous for a few future times instead of offering immediate help in their moment of would like. 
  • And for Momseze, the stress is on providing actually sympathetic, non-judgmental skilled support. absolute confidence is simply too little or too strange.