Med Rabbit care engagement solution designed to help home care providers collaborate with families to personalized engagement activities and provide a range of services to people who, for various reasons related to chronic conditions and aging, are not able to take care of themselves independently. 


The idea of the app implied the following actions:

  • Set up care with the tap of a button.
  • Schedule the time and location for each visit.
  • List specific tasks to help with that day.
  • See who’s coming and exactly when they arrive and leave.
  • Settle payments within the platform.
  • Get feedback after each visit and rate the Care Pro.
  • Get 24/7 support.

Our client’s existing architecture involved user profiles, task management, feedback, and payment services with complicated manual data processing. It is a quite complex process to schedule the time and location for each visit and maintain them manually. A customer needed to know exactly who’s coming, when they arrive and when they leave. The application should handle the payment gateways and also store feedback after each visit.


While Access Healthcare had been using an electronic database for scheduling, several must-haves were missing from their legacy software. MedRabbit all-in-one cloud-based solution was able to deliver on the company’s needs with benefits that are already translating into measurable results in just one year: 

Real-time information: MedRabbits real-time access to information at any time permits Access Healthcare’s caregivers to understand a client’s complete history before arriving for a scheduled visit. This vastly accelerates their ability to provide care, as clients don’t have to keep repeating their story to various field workers, and workers don’t have to use up valuable time in a client’s home by rifling through paper notes. All relevant information can be entered and viewed in real-time through a mobile device. 

Scheduling efficiencies: For Access Healthcare, each client visit translates into mileage costs for the agency. With the geographical distance for each client built into the new software, Access staff can now schedule a caregiver’s daily visits most efficiently. This helps avoid unnecessary back-and-forth trips, improving efficiency, and cutting costs.

Reduced caregiver burden:

The elimination of paper-based reporting has also significantly reduced caregiver fatigue among Access Healthcare’s field workers. In the past, caregivers should keep a manual track of their timesheets and customer maps, repeating customer details in multiple ways and even at home. For Access Healthcare, paper-based reporting is also now a relic of the past for tracking mileage and processing payroll, resulting in a significant reduction of errors.