GoGoCar’s Express Dealer Solutions offer a single place where a dealer can set up, operate, market, and run sales operations all powered by one single service. The GoGoCar platform comes with state-of-the-art features to help the customer in five easy steps 

  • Compare & Select Car
  • Exchange & Trade-in 
  • Swift & Easy Finance 
  • Pick Warranty  
  • Pick-up Appointment


The car dealers across the globe, facing challenges in terms of ever-changing customer buying preferences and varied expectations. Almost every customer who visits their dealership comes with prejudice toward salespeople. Hence achieving customer confidence and closing the deal was extremely difficult. Dealership visit to actual conversion was less than 30%. 
The major challenges as follows:: 

  • The existing website was not able to sell a car completely online 
  • Customer negotiate too much on price and unrealistic expectation on the value of their trade-in car 
  • Processing credit application was difficult as a lack of knowledge on customer’s credit score 
  • Too much time spend with each customer to complete the process 
  • No proper customer attention when there are more walkins 
  • Customer faces issues when they get transferred from person to another for the completion of the process


Gogocar offered an AI-driven digital storefront along with a tablet-based in-store application to manage the entire customer buying journey online. This enabled the customer to see exactly what was in-store, the actual value of their trade-in car, the actual price of the new car, finance options, etc to bring transparency to the deal. Gogocar is an integrated solution that brings all the required entities like dealers, customers, appraisers, lenders, buyer networks, etc into one single place and offers a seamless customer journey. 

  • Integrations (logos): route-one, Appraisal lane, PEN, Market scan 
  • The dealer is able to convert more than 80% of showroom visits as they receive only genuine leads via their Gogocar website 
  • They could achieve record sales (xxx%) during an xxx period 
  • Customers can buy a car entirely online and get it delivered to their door-step without even visiting a dealer 
  • Data-rich vehicle details page offered maximum information about each inventory than any other websites shows 
  • Time spent on the dealership for selling a car reduced to 15 minutes as the entire process became paperless 
  • Salespeople are quickly gaining customer’s confidence as the transparency in pricing and process are attained