Arttora is an art and skill platform that aims at creating a unique social network for artists and an art-loving community globally. Arttora Providing an exclusive platform for the artist community to share, discuss, network, and collaborate with like-minded people across the world. Arttora is committed to uncovering the hidden artistic gems by offering them robust platform-based marketing support to help realize their true potential.

The challenge

The main client need set out in the brief is to design a user interface and a process flow that would allow the user to choose their preferences in the arts and culture.
We set out to build up the platform from the ground up. To take advantage of the opportunity, it was important to be the first mover in the industry to work on an agile timeline. The team knew that their ultimate vision for the platform would have to be developed in stages, so it was necessary to create a scalable minimum viable product and to prioritize new features based on business value.


In October 2019, Innovation Incubator Advisory first release of Arttora enabled the User to create an Event, Post videos, Images and Users can also conduct classes for categories like Dance, Music, and painting. Moreover, users also have a wide range of art forms to choose from while making a post. You have the option of choosing from dancing, singing, instrumental, photography, videography, painting, and sculpturing. Users can also check the upcoming events and classes from other artists on the app.

Arttora App Features

  • Art classes from certified/verified artists 
  • Get recognized on a global platform for your artistic talent 
  • Network and collaborate globally with other artists 
  • Book online classes to learn at your own time and space 
  • Easy to find art events near you 
  • Know your Art tutors by the ratings and reviews from fellow students


Within a year of its launch, Arttora could successfully incorporate a family of 16000 plus artists and art lovers. Arttora aims to create a complete online ecosystem for artists/art lovers encompassing sharing, learning, teaching, selling their art, and also collaborating with like minded artists globally. Arttora online is another initiative where we host 180 plus online classes and courses in many different art forms.