Agdhi is an agritech startup which aims to create the next revolution in agriculture. The startup is revolutionizing agriculture by introducing digital technology and building alternative solutions to facilitate sustainable methods in agriculture. Agdhi is on a mission to combine digital technology and human creativity to create sustainable methods in agriculture.

Agdhi has won National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition #NBEC2020 for best Agri Tech start up and secured 4 lakh dollar investment opportunity from venture capitalist.

Today Agdhi is building new age products & solutions catering to the seed & farmers community.

Products Of Agdhi

SeedVision : The quality of seeds has become a growing concern. The phenotypic defects of seeds are one of the criteria for judging the quality. The traditional method of detecting seed defects typically relies on manual inspection, which is inefficient and subjective. Therefore, an objective and automated seed screening method is required.

Farmer Network India : When it comes to starting a new farm/ planting a crop on your own, every enthusiast has the question of what, when and how. Here comes the one stop solution for all your farming needs. Dive into a network filled with years of experience and knowledge. Farmer Network India allows you to get started with your favourite farming with state of the art technology advises and get you connected to the right people at the right time.

Planto : Timely attention and care to crops and unawareness of crop diseases are few of the major reasons why new farmers fail to make their efforts to market. Planto brings you the power to diagnose your plants from your mobile. It provides analysis and suggestions of what you are growing, how’s it growing and what can you do to help. Be a crop doctor yourself by recognizing infected crops and treating for any pests or deficiencies.


Today, India is seeing a huge disruption in agriculture through technology. Agriculture which is both a major industry and foundation of the economy is looking for innovative approaches in protecting & improving crop yield. With this aim we plan to introduce next Generation Electronics products optimized for agriculture.


The traditional method of detecting seed defects typically relies on manual inspection, which is resource hectic and subjective. Therefore, an objective and automated seed screening method was required. Thus, Agdhi through AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vision technology, Photometry, Radiometry and Computer Vision offers efficient methods for Seed Classification and Seed Quality Analysis. The color, texture, size, and shape, is extracted from images of seeds, and the defects of the seed identified through various classifiers based on computer vision. This automation provides an efficient method for seed sorting than being inspected by human labor.


Artificial Intelligence : Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques to create models for Seed Classification with Seed sampling to determine types inclusive of the percentages of distinct categories.

Internet of Things : Smart Farming, a hi-tech and effective system of doing agriculture and growing food in a sustainable way. We apply connected devices and innovative technologies together into agriculture.

Blockchain : Blockchain, a decentralized storage locker for real-time data on crop quality, which is utilized by farmers as well as their supply chain partners to increase the quality of products and clarify provenance systems.

Mobile : Mobile apps bring farmers with amazing new products making it easier to transition from handling fields and related information, to generating farm maps and helping usage of drones.

Cloud : Cloud computing is the perfect way to aggregate data from tools like soil sensors, satellite images, and weather stations which inturn helps farmers make better decisions about managing their crops.