A touch of cognitive in Health Care

Cognitive computing is undoubtedly the most advanced technology in the current scenario. This is mainly due to the incorporation of Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence. These advents have strongly supported the growth of the healthcare field. With the total number of reported chronic diseases on the increase, a personalized medicine initiative is among the most favored options. This will in turn return in a generation of vast amounts of data. Therefore the demand for Big Data Analysis and Cognitive Computing is expected to be at an increase. The cognitive computing solutions were first initiated in the field of oncology, the results of which have paved the way for further expansions. The complexity of analyzing a particular disease has been significantly reduced with the applications of cognitive computing. Researchers predict that by the year 2022 pharmaceuticals will be the field where cognitive computing would be the most advanced. Increasing cost of drug discovery and clinical trials is the major reason for adopting cognitive methods. These applications are expected to create a ripple of change and evolve positively to reinforce the growth in the field of health care. The science of Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning has simplified search processes and other complex scenarios that arise in the field.